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With us it's never a business/client relationship. We become partners in success. Here are some of our recent partnerships:


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Your Business... Accelerated

You need customers. We have the means and methods to get the phones ringing and the doors swinging. That sounds like a perfect partnership to us... Read More


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More important than what we do, is what we know: you need customers. Customers mean sales, and sales mean food on the table-- without them you might as well have a hot dog stand in the Amazon. We also know that marketing and customer acquisition isn't about us, or you, or even your products and services. Its about...


Client Growth


The name of the game is growth, and that can't happen if customers don't know you exist. We've helped many a business grow-- from large scale enterprises to tiny shops just looking to carve out a niche in a local market. What truly speaks to our success is not our client roster (well, that helps a little), its the fact that our clients keep coming back.


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The Wave Of Savings

In print and online: deals and discounts are the way to a customers heart. Our bi-monthly mailer is called "The Wave Of Savings" and we print 30,000 mailers per market, delivering them directly into the hands of prospective customers for your business. Couple this with printable and textable online coupons, and you've got a recipe for bringing customers to your door.

Learn more about our grand rapids coupon magazine here...

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The Wave Of Savings...
Our latest issue hits mailboxes all over West Michigan on the 11th & 12th of August. Get Coupons for Grand Rapids Here...


New Website Under Construction...
New Wave Marketing - Your source for Marketing support and services in Grand Rapids, MI and beyond...


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